Have you ever had a feeling  - perhaps call it gut feeling, that something does not make sense, or perhaps something is telling you don't do it?

Intuition is available to each and everyone of us. Intuition is a quiet but firm inner voice and can be referred to as God's voice speaking directly to us, the voice of my guardian angel guiding me, a gut feeling that happens without any effort to me. It's knowing something clearly without knowing how you came to know it. 
There are many ways we can describe it and you may have your way of describing it too. 

Intuition involves no conscious use of the reasoning mind.
The Latin word intuition mean "to regard inwards". 
This gives you an idea of what intuition is. Intuition comes from within, even though outer things, people or events may be present and a part.

Intuition can work for you in everyday decisions you have to make. It can help you decide what path to take, how to solve a problem and to help you along your life path.
When you open yourself to possibilities, your consciousness will expand, you will awaken and that is the most useful skill you can open yourself up to in life.

The famous physicist Albert Einstein said " The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you don't know how or why"

Join me to awaken your intuition and how to set daily intentions.

Stress and Emotions

Stress and Emotions
Are you aware that your thoughts can have either a negative or positive impact on our health and wellness? 

Your thoughts can for example relax your body and induce positive physical responses, but when you are stressed anxious or upset these emotions can manifest themselves in form of high blood pressure, head aches or stomach ulcers. The thing is that Your body gives numerous clues that your emotions or thoughts are out of balance or negative. 
These may include some of the following: Back Pain, Joint pain, decrease or increase in apatite, chest pain, dry mouth, fatigue, unexplained aches and pains, head aches, high blood pressure, inability to sleep, sexual dysfunctions shortness or breath, upset stomach, weight gain or weight loss. 

Your thoughts and emotions have a direct effect on your health and can weaken your body's immune system, making you more likely to get colds and other infections during stressful times. It is important to note that these physical issues are not just due to your thoughts but also due to the fact that when you're anxious or upset, you may not take care of your health as well as you normally would. You may not feel like exercising, eating right, or taking medicine for chronic issues. 
So what about our emotional health. Did you know that exercise has numerous effects on the brain. Research has shown that exercise can produce effects much like  an antidepressant and can also improve brain function, allowing you to concentrate longer and think faster. One theory for some of the benefits of exercise is that it triggers the production of endorphins in the body. These natural opiates are chemically similar to morphine, This gives a feeling of euphoria during exercise and lessens the body's response to pain. Animal studies have also found that exercise increases the levels of certain neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters have been linked to elevated mood levels and work much in the same way as antidepressant medication. Most people express they feel good after exercise. I certainly know that I feel so much better when I move my body. Exercise does therefor not just have a positive impact on our physical health but also our mental and emotional health and can just as thoughts have an enourmous benefit to our wellness. 

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Life as a Medium - Episode #5 Transform Your Wellness PODCAST

Life as a Medium - Episode #5 Transform Your Wellness PODCAST
Today I had a heartfelt conversation with my beautiful friend Rose of Sharon from Embracing It All.

I met Rose of Sharon years ago now at one of the Psychic and Wellbeing Expos. I was drawn towards having a chat with her and a little while after that she came down to the Body, Mind and Spiritual Centre that I opened 2016 in Torquay - Aspire Wellbeing. She came down to do psychic readings at my centre and I saw the magic in her work by helping people as a Medium and Spiritual Counsellor. She truly have a special gift and a heart of gold.

Below is a copy of the podcast at PodBean.

You can also download it by CLICKING HERE

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Reduce Your Stress - 2 week Habit Coaching Program

Reduce Your Stress - 2 week Habit Coaching Program

Stress holds us back from being the best we can be. 

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A common theme I see amongst those with high stress levels is a lack of results when trying to 
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Stress simply holds us back from being the best we can be.
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3 tips for Transforming Your Wellness


The world is changing and so are we. People are waking up to that health is important, now more than ever.
Now is the time to live your soul purpose and to create ultimate wellness.

In today's video I am sharing the first 3 steps on how you can transform your wellness.

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Stay well!

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