“I believe that everyone deserves to achieve ultimate wellness through the understanding of the body, mind and spirit connection.
I believe that everyone has the power and deserves to create whatever they desire in life, it being health, wealth & happiness”
It’s a pleasure to have you here. I’d like to welcome You again and I can’t wait to get to know You to but let me first introduce myself so that you know a little about me since you are here one my website/blog. 
I have always been interested in how to live a life full of wellness, purpose and passion!
I was an active child and loved doing sports. I did gymnastic, jazz ballet, basketball in my younger years and at the age of 16 I took up rowing which led me on a path of travel and adventures as I got to represent Sweden at international competitions such as the World Rowing Championships 1990. So, now you probably have worked out that I am Swedish and to cut a long story short, I ended up living in Australia in 1994.
I have a Swedish Sports Education degree and have studied lots of different things since such as Nutrition, Remedial Massage, Reiki, Lifestyle, Food & Wellness Coaching, NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aroma Freedom Technique, Essential Oil Coaching and more and as you can see I love all to do with Wellness! 
Since being in Australia, I have run my own health and wellness business Aspire Wellbeing and I have written a book called “Body Awakening – Balance your body, mind and spirit with Pilates and an active lifestyle”, I have worked as a personal trainer, pilates, yoga instructor, coach, produced Pilates DVDS etc.
As you can see – wellness is really important to me and it is also important for my family. I have two amazing grown up kids and I have am now also a grandmother. My partner (who also loves oils) keeps fit and healthy by embracing this "oily wellbeing" journey too.
I love Coaching people and of course running workshops/retreats and to teach Pilates/Yoga and more.
I am also fully embracing my essential oil and wellness journey as a Young Living Distributor and I am loving it!

I assist people to create Wellness, Purpose and Abundance through powerful intentions and inspired actions!
Apart from loving why essential oil and wellness lifestyle I love keeping active myself. One of my passion are surf skiing. I love being out in the ocean and in the fresh air, catching some waves or even doing it on the river.  It’s like meditation to me. You loose yourself in the moment and just enjoy it. I also love mountain biking and going to the gym, practising Pilates and Yoga and of course Meditation.
I fell in love with the Young Living Essential Oils about 5 years ago but my essential oil journey started a lot earlier. It was not until I started using the Young Living Essential Oils I realised how powerful these drops are. I fell in love with the products. This lead me to sharing my passion with others as I know that everyone will benefit from living a wellness life with essential oils.  I simply love seeing people blossom in your essential oil and wellness journey too. This journey has been amazing for me and I know yours will be too. 
“My Primary purpose is to inspire, motivate & support people to awaken their body, mind & spirit. I strive to feed people’s mind & soul with activities that will support You in the quest for ultimate love & appreciation towards yourself and balance in life”