Stress and Emotions

Stress and Emotions
Are you aware that your thoughts can have either a negative or positive impact on our health and wellness? 

Your thoughts can for example relax your body and induce positive physical responses, but when you are stressed anxious or upset these emotions can manifest themselves in form of high blood pressure, head aches or stomach ulcers. The thing is that Your body gives numerous clues that your emotions or thoughts are out of balance or negative. 
These may include some of the following: Back Pain, Joint pain, decrease or increase in apatite, chest pain, dry mouth, fatigue, unexplained aches and pains, head aches, high blood pressure, inability to sleep, sexual dysfunctions shortness or breath, upset stomach, weight gain or weight loss. 

Your thoughts and emotions have a direct effect on your health and can weaken your body's immune system, making you more likely to get colds and other infections during stressful times. It is important to note that these physical issues are not just due to your thoughts but also due to the fact that when you're anxious or upset, you may not take care of your health as well as you normally would. You may not feel like exercising, eating right, or taking medicine for chronic issues. 
So what about our emotional health. Did you know that exercise has numerous effects on the brain. Research has shown that exercise can produce effects much like  an antidepressant and can also improve brain function, allowing you to concentrate longer and think faster. One theory for some of the benefits of exercise is that it triggers the production of endorphins in the body. These natural opiates are chemically similar to morphine, This gives a feeling of euphoria during exercise and lessens the body's response to pain. Animal studies have also found that exercise increases the levels of certain neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters have been linked to elevated mood levels and work much in the same way as antidepressant medication. Most people express they feel good after exercise. I certainly know that I feel so much better when I move my body. Exercise does therefor not just have a positive impact on our physical health but also our mental and emotional health and can just as thoughts have an enourmous benefit to our wellness. 

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Life as a Medium - Episode #5 Transform Your Wellness PODCAST

Life as a Medium - Episode #5 Transform Your Wellness PODCAST
Today I had a heartfelt conversation with my beautiful friend Rose of Sharon from Embracing It All.

I met Rose of Sharon years ago now at one of the Psychic and Wellbeing Expos. I was drawn towards having a chat with her and a little while after that she came down to the Body, Mind and Spiritual Centre that I opened 2016 in Torquay - Aspire Wellbeing. She came down to do psychic readings at my centre and I saw the magic in her work by helping people as a Medium and Spiritual Counsellor. She truly have a special gift and a heart of gold.

Below is a copy of the podcast at PodBean.

You can also download it by CLICKING HERE

You can also have a look at it on YouTube

Valkyrie - Unique Crystal Jewellery

Valkyrie - Unique Crystal Jewellery

CRYSTAL JEWELLARY Unique handmade pieces by Karin Hagberg

I started to create the "Valkyrie" Crystal Diffuser Malas and bracelets at the end of 2020.

I have always loved craft and creating and as I love crystals and essential oils, making these is something that makes my heart sing.

Female warriors in the Viking Ages were referred to as "Valkyries" and as I have Viking Blood in me and I have that Viking Warrior Spirit in me, I found that this was the perfect name for these powerful pieces of Jewellery. 

Each and every piece that I make is made from the highest quality crystals. 

I infuse them with healing energy as I make them, and with special intentions.

All pieces have a unique name that comes with a description of all crystals. 

The Malas also come in a beautiful hand sewn bag.

Mala Beads have been used in Buddhist and Hindu prayer ceremonies and meditation for centuries. These are typically used to aid in counting the number of repetitions of mantras or phrases. There are typically 108 in a string, and there is usually a decorative tassel on the end of the strand, sometimes adorned further with embellishments or amulets.

All pieces have been cleansed and charged and Reiki infused. All of the designs are exclusive and no two are the same!

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How is your Confidence and Self esteem?

How is your Confidence and Self esteem?
Do you feel confident? How is your self esteem and do you practise self love? 

Before I delve into this, let me clear up what I mean with these words. Let me start with Confidence. 

Confidence is a measure of faith in one's own abilities. Self esteem is on the other hand our sense of self. So can we be confident but have low self esteem? I believe we can, but it's often very hidden. In fact we can be very confident in some situations but in others we are not. 

When it comes to self esteem we often talk about having high or low self-esteem. I would of course encourage you to have high self esteem, because I think you are important to this world and you have something to contribute - we all have!

I believe that it all starts with Self-Esteem which is closely linked with self love. I will get into this a little further on. So, why would we experience low self-esteem and where would this have started?
Well, we all have past experiences and relationships and those impact us in different ways - some positive and some negative. Positive experience can impact our self esteem in positive ways and can contribute to our self esteem but what about all those negative or challenging experiences we have had and negative or not healthy relationships we've had. Well, those can certainly knock our self-esteem on it's head. Those can lower our self-esteem and can also contribute us to forget all those positive things about ourselves. 

There can certainly be times when someone would "fake" Confidence. Yes, you heard it right - "fake" confidence. There are some signs that someone is "faking" being self confidence such as their posture. They usually stand straight with a relaxed stance, they feel comfortable in the space around them, they don't like having questions asked, they can appear arrogant and often have a change of heart around matters. 

Can you relate to any of this so far?  

Our experiences can impact our self esteem for sure, because we may start to say and think negative things about ourselves, we start to focus on the negative and we "forget" what we are good at and we ignore our achievements so far in life, we start to think that other people are better then us, we may start to compare, we also find it hard to accept compliments. We may also feel sad, anxious and ashamed or angry. Well, these things does not exactly boost our self esteem do they? No, quite the opposite - our self esteem start to decline.

Most of us experience the feeling of being down in the "dumps" at some points in our lives and we don't know where to start.....Well, the good think is - You Can Change and Improve Your Self Esteem and that is where it all starts.

Here are some ways that you can get started in improving your self-esteem.....
  • Say STOP to that inner voice or inner critic that does not speak kindly to you.
  • Write doesn't things that you love about yourself!
  • Be grateful about You, who you are, that wonderful You!
  • Stop thinking as you have to be perfect!
  • Practise self-love - things that you really love doing. You deserve it!
  • Make time for Joy! Life is about this. It's about allowing yourself to live with passion
  • Affirm what you believe
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Start to prioritise what is really important to you
  • Learn to step away when you feel it's needed - this is not about them, it's about You!
  • Know what is important to You
  • Always challenge your thoughts....ask yourself "is this thought going to be helpful in my life or not" If not, just get rid of it as it does not serve you
  • Learn from your past experiences...and know there is no failure..there is only experiences and you can learn from these.
Well, there are many more things you can do but that is a start.....

I truly believe that if we can rediscover ourselves through building up our self esteem. We can make life truly incredible. And by doing this we will absolutely transform. Are you ready to Transform?

I know how past experiences can knock that self-esteem's not a good feeling....but always know........that "warrior" is hidden within you and is ready to come out. I often wished in the past that I had that person "holding" my hand when I was navigating though the process of rediscovering myself. I know it would have made the world of difference.
You don't have to do this alone. Having support can make the world of difference.

Now, back to Self Love. Self-Love comes from a deep feeling of appreciation for yourself and that stems from working on your Self Esteem. It really is and inside Job and only You can do this work. You are the one that can take action that supports your physical, psychological and spiritual growth.  Self-Love really means you have high rewards for your own well-bing and happiness. It means that you take care of your own needs and don't sacrifice your own well-being to please others.

I help women Transform Your Life by improving your self esteem.
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Reduce Your Stress - 2 week Habit Coaching Program

Reduce Your Stress - 2 week Habit Coaching Program

Stress holds us back from being the best we can be. 

Aspire is now launching the amazing REDUCE YOUR STRESS 
2-week Habit Coaching Program

This 2-week habit coaching program encourages you to 
reduce your stress by showing you the most effective ways of controlling in all areas of your life.
For the next 2 weeks, I want to challenge you to reduce your stress.
A common theme I see amongst those with high stress levels is a lack of results when trying to 
change their body, health and overall quality of life. 

Stress simply holds us back from being the best we can be.
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This program is run through the amazing Aspire Wellbeing App and is so easy to follow.

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