Sunday the 7th of February, 6 - 9pm
Online via Zoom
Do you feel 2020 has been a bit of a challenge?
Do you feel You need to take charge & create a life with direction & purpose?
Do you feel a little lost, perhaps that you have "lost" your path or do you feel that you have a passion within your that you would like to set fire on. Do you feel like 2020 or life before then has not turned out exactly how you wanted it to turn our, perhaps you feel you have done things but not the ones you truly really love. Perhaps you feel you have let others influence your "path" and decisions in the past too much? Perhaps you feel like you have set goals but have not reached then yet or perhaps you have not set any before. 
Are there areas of your life that you feel can be improved? Let's be honest...we all have them. Sometimes it is just easier to "ignore" them or push them under the carpet.  Perhaps you feel the same issues and challenges keep popping up every year. Perhaps you start the year off with lots of spark and fire but the end up with that enthusiasm and passion to leave before January has finished!! 
Is there something inside of you telling yourself that you want shine, you want to make things better, but you feel lost. Perhaps you feel that you are not exactly what you are projecting outwardly.
Perhaps you feel that you really would like to follow your heart and discover your true soul purpose and passion.
Then this is for you!  A 3hr commitment that can change the direction of your life.
We're going to start "creating Your Life!!" - the way You Want it for 2021! 
It's start to create a lifestyle that’s joyful, transformational and balanced - even though we live in an unbalanced world right now.
Let's do this!
I cannot wait to guide you through these powerful 3 hours!
This workshop includes a 48 Page Journal, a Transform Your Wellness 2021 Calendar.
Karin xx
Are you ready to Create your life?