YIN YOGA is very slow-paced Yoga practise that incorporates the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with asanas (postures) that are held for longer periods of time from 45 seconds to 10 minutes.It is a meditative yoga practise that encourages awareness of inner stillness. You can simply close your eyes and allow yourself to settle more deeply into your body and mind.
The sequences of postures are meant to stimulate the channels of the subtle body known as meridians in Chinese medicine and as nadis in Hatha yoga.
The Yin Yoga poses are all about release.
The poses in this class applies moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fasciae, and ligaments – with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.

If you regularly meditate or want to begin a meditation practice, Yin Yoga may be an ideal opportunity to do just that. Holding a pose presents one of the few opportunities many of us have to simply just “be” – not forced to think about anything, do anything, or even move. Take advantage of that! Or become present to the various sensations and feelings that arise over the many minutes you hold a posture.
For example, you might notice areas of your body that feel stagnant or tight, or that feel spacious and open. Are there patterns in your daily movements that contribute to this? As time passes while you hold a particular posture, you may begin to notice that areas that felt “sticky” or “stuck” in the beginning have softened. This may be a very gradual experience that becomes more noticeable with a consistent yin practice.
You might also notice any mental discomfort or comfort you have with the yin practice. Is there a reason behind the discomfort or comfort that you can identify?
Or maybe you have a personal or professional goal that you have been working toward. Holding a yin posture may be a good time to singularly focus your mental energy on your goal, away from the distractions that bombard you throughout the day.

To make this session extra powerful we are adding essential oils that will help us have emotional releases and also sound.
You will learn receive some information on the oil used in each class and how this oil can benefit you and it’s uses.
Both sound and the Essential Oils helps us raise our vibrations which are to benefit to our general wellness.
This class is suitable for both Beginners to Advanced.

These classes are now held occasionally online via ZOOM due to the current situation.

For more information, please contact me.