PILATES - Body Awakening Movement

Karin's  classes will help you improve your mobility, strength, balance, flexibility & coordination and improve your “core” muscles and pelvic alignment. 
The classes are suit both beginner to intermediate levels. Most of our participants are between 45 – 75 years of age.
Options are provided in the sessions, although if you suffer a current injury it is advisable to start of with individual sessions.
The classes are in a flowing format and including Pilates & Yoga movements.
For more information and to Book, feel free to contact Karin and talk to her personally before commencing.



Karin Hagberg has been teaching Pilates classes on the Surfcoast for over 20 years and was the first person to introduce Matwork Pilates classes there. She is now teaching class in Bright and she has an online membership portal with over 65 videos
Karin has 25 years of experience teaching classes. She is a certified Personal Trainer, Pilates & Yoga Instructor & Wellness/Personalised Epigenetics Coach and NLP Master Coach and hypnotherapist. Not just that, she has published her own book – “Body Awakening – Balance your body, mind & spirit with Pilates and an active lifestyle” & has also produced four Pilates DVDs.  Karin has run many Wellness Retreats and is in process of announcing upcoming ones. Book in to the classes or a workshop/retreat today.