Hi,  I'm Karin &
 I help people Transform Their 
& Life 

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My mission is to help people in the world create more balance, ultimate wellness & a life full of passion through a combination of programs, courses, workshops & appointments that incorporates your body, mind & spirit
 All of us will likely experience some imbalance or challenge in life at some point. 
There are many different areas of our lives that need to be nurtured and if we don't,
 our life & wellness will start to suffer. I am here to help you address the areas in your life 
that need a little more attention for you to start feeling more balanced again. I do this 
by taking a personalised approach as we are all so different and what will work for one person 
might not work for another. I am here to assist you transform your wellness and balance your life.

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About Me
I have been in the health, wellness and fitness industry for over 25 years now.
At this point in time, I feel incredibly blessed to have persevered on my life's journey, as I am still spending my days doing what I love; working in the field I enjoy, with amazing fellow human beings and being able to create what I want. 

But the journey I have been on has not always been easy. For years, I felt like I was pushed to my limits, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. I believed that I was really all alone in my struggles and felt quite isolated. The physical and emotional pain I experienced was at times overwhelming........