VITAFLEX - Ancient Tibetan Reflexology

VitaFlex technique is a gentle yet powerful technique which derives its name from “Vitality through the Reflexes”. Like Reflexology, it works on the concept that the feet and hands map the entire body. VitaFlex is a Ancient Tibetan Reflexology Technique.
By working on specific reflex points, we can in turn affect and support other parts of the body.

We have over 5000 different reflex points in the body. VitaFlex stimulate these points by a unique and rhythmic rolling movement pf the fingers. This gentle pressure generates a piezo-electric pulse – a form of electricity – which travels along energy pathways to the corresponding part of the body.
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are applied to some of the areas where the reflex points are being stimulated.
Specific oils that are very relaxing are chosen, these resonates with different parts of the body.
This Ancient Tibetan Reflexology Technique is so relaxing and blissful.
The full VitaFlex technique focuses on reflex points on knees, legs, ankles, feet, including the “spinal” reflex. Additional points on the arm, shoulder, scalp, forehead and palms may sometimes also be stimulated.
The entire body is being balanced by the effects of the piezo-electric pulse and the powerful therapeutic Essential Oils.
A full VitaFlex technique takes approximately 60 minutes. Another 30 minutes might have to be added for your initial session where your health history is discussed.

It’s highly recommend to have weekly treatments for the first 2 months, then monthly after that.
Everyone responds differently to VitaFlex. Most people feel amazing afterwards, balanced and relaxed yet energised at times.
However, some people may experience discomfort during or after the session, as with any type of body work. Make sure you communicate your experience with your practitioner.
100 % pure, therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living are used in this treatment, as they are guaranteed to be free from any and all chemical adulteration. This is my choice because I care about you and want you to only experience the best.

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