Water is the most important substance we will ever put into our bodies - next to oxygen.

Adults are 75 % water. Children even higher! Our Blood is mostly water, this water 
supports our body functioning at an optimum, every moment of every day! 

Water carries toxins out of the cells and transports nutrients in.
Water is found in every cell in our body; bones, eyes, lymphs, nodes, heart, 
lungs, liver, muscles, joints, your brain is 92% water.

Not all water is 92% water!

To hydrate we need the right water...but what is the right water.

The right water is:
- Clean with toxins, contaminants & chemicals filtered out
- Balanced with a range of alkaline minerals to aid absorption by the body
- Structured with water clusters small enough enough for absorption at a cellular level

This is what is behind the design of the zazen Alkaline Water Systems.

zazen recreates Mother Nature's Water Secret

zazen water tastes great, just like spring water, it reduces up to 90 % of Fluoride, 
reduces Micro-Plastics and creates balanced, naturally alkaline mineral water.