Crystals of Love

Crystals of Love
Crystals of Love or Heart chakra stones are the specific crystals and gems that resonate with the energy of a vibrant and awakened heart chakra.
Using and working with these crystals can assist in balance our heart chakra, heal past pain, wounds, traumas and restore a sense of well-being and love.
Having a balanced heart chakras and awakening heart chakra is important as the heart chakras is the balance point for your physical and energetic being.

The heart chakra is the chakra that balances the mental and spiritual energy of the higher chakras with the physical energy of the lower chakras. Its also the center point of your multidimensional being. The heart chakra is  your key to fully love and accepting yourself ands those around you. When your heart chakra is balanced you are able to forgive and love in the most trying circumstances.

The heart chakra also plays a key role in empowering you to anchor the higher light of Spirit into your physical being… and empowers you as a physical being to reach up to experience the higher realms of angels, peace and light.

The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra is Anahata. Anahata means unstruck. It refers to the pure tone of the awakened heart chakra that is the resonant sounds made without any two things striking. It is the sound of love present when there is no striking or struggle…  It is the tone of Divine Love, balance and harmony.

Heart chakra stones resonate with this tone, and can help bring your wounded, closed, or imbalanced heart chakra center back into a Divine State of embodied love, and balance so you can clearly relate to yourself and others with love.

There are many Crystals you can pick for the heart chakra. I am going to go through a few with you, but there are more to choose from. Trust your intuition when you choose crystals - go with the ones you are forward towards. 

Below are some crystals that support and resonate with the heart chakra.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is one of the most common crystals. It is well known for being the “Stone of Love”. It resonates with love and with the heart chakra and has a beautiful warmth and loving energy. Rose quartz supports relationships of all kinds, encourages emotional healing, and opens the heart chakra to the flow of love.

Pink Opal
Pink Opal is a love stone with a deep connection to the Heart Chakra. It works to heal our emotions, allowing our hearts to open to love. Pink Opal is often referred to as “The Stone of Resolution” as it works to heal our emotional wounds and deep hidden fears enabling us to resolve and let them go.

Emerald is a powerful heart chakra crystal and “stone of successful love”. It is incredibly supportive in cultivating loving relationships with others whether that is at the level of friendship or romantic partnership. Emerald encourages living in a heart centered way and responding with love in the present moment.
This is a stone that can support in healing wounds of the heart as well as embracing the heart centered qualities of love and compassion.

Amazonite is deeply stimulating to both the Heart and Throat Chakras. The Heart Chakra, located near the center of the breastbone, regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what we embrace and what we resist. It gives us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the environment.

Chrysoprase opens, activates and energises the heart and sacral chakras, balances yin-yang energy, and brings Universal energy into the physical body. Chrysoprase promotes love of truth. It promotes hope, and encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships.

Rhodochrosite is a crystal that represents selfless love and compassion. It is a wonderful stone to use when working with the Heart Chakra and relationships. Those dealing with loss will find a deep love within this stone. Rhodochrosite aids in self-forgiveness and self-love.

The beautiful crystal Malachite is linked to the Heart Chakra which is located near the center of the breastbone, it regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what we embrace and what we resist. It gives us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the environment.

Lepidolite dissipates negativity, activates and opens the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras. It clears blockages and brings cosmic awareness.

Refocus your energy

Refocus your energy
Here we go again...another lockdown in Victoria. I feel for all of us, we are all being "challenged" in many different ways. We are not all affected in the same way but most of all are affected in some way or another. How we interpret and perceive this situation is the thing that can have a massive difference how we see it, how we feel and what we do.  In whatever situation we find ourselves in, I believe it's important that we don't forget who we truly are. We are spiritual beings with immense power. We have the power to refocus. We have this powerπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ We have the power to channel our energy into what we can control which is ourselves and our thought and emotions. This can be difficult as we are being bombarded with negative messages and fear. Just remember  - who you are - and what you can do. Ou can decide to think about it in a different, you can decide to focus on something different etc. I know we can do this. We are much more powerful than we can imagine. Now is the time to realise this. 

As a small business owner, my "right" to be able to help people has been taken away  - for a period - so I decided to redirect my focus to the things I can do. One thing I decided to do was to clean my office, to take a deep breathe, to play with my crystals and oracle cards, to smell my beautiful essential oils and to organise a 
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Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day

What does Australia Day mean to You? This day can mean different things to different people.
Now more than ever I think we need to come together and unite as sovereign human beings.

Below is a video I found about "understanding Australia Day". Watch it if you want.

Let's come together and CELEBRATE this wonderful land.
Be joyous and always remember the truth. 

We've got this!


Karin xx

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