The morning I met George

The morning I met George
During my travel up the East Coast of Australia I explored many places I had never been before. One of my favourite place to explore is the beach. This particular morning on my "Great Wellness Reset" journey I was walking on the beach at South West Rocks.  South West Rocks is a town located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales in Australia. This beautiful little place is known for its picturesque Norfolk pines, family-friendly atmosphere, intriguing colonial heritage and exceptional diving.  

As I was watching the amazing sunrise I had a man coming up to me to ask if he could take some photos of me whilst I was enjoying the sunrise. He said that one of his passion is to take photos of photos of people going on about life and enjoying the outdoors. I said of course he can take some photos.  After he'd done that we started talking as we walked along the beach. We had such a nice conversation about life, wellness and how to keep balanced in life. 

I love talking to people who have learnt through experiences, life challenges and life itself  and as George was sharing I understood he had a lot of all of that plus having lived soon 80 years. As we parted I took a photo of George and myself and I said; one day I'd like you to share your knowledge about the keys to living a balanced life.

Well that day arrived, I "interviewed" or more so I had a heartfelt conversation with George the 27th of June 2022.
I just loved hearing his story, his tips on how to keep life balanced and lots more.
The title of the Podcast is "The Key to a Balanced Life"

Below is the YouTube video of the interview

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Karin x

Let's Celebrate Body Awakening Movement!

Let's Celebrate  Body Awakening Movement!
It's been about 2 years since the BODY AWAKENING MOVEMENT program was launched and it's time to celebrate with a SUPER SALE!!!!

You now save 50%!!! Don't miss out! And I will include a beautiful Recipe e-book and below.


The Body Awakening Movement Program contains sessions that work on mobility, strength, flexibility and balance. 
These sessions are now available wherever you are, whenever you feel like working out.
Whether you’re brand new to exercise, or are looking at incorporating some easy to follow but very effective movement sessions into your current exercise routine, this is the perfect program for you. 

The program gives you different options from beginner, intermediate and advanced,  so that you feel you can do this. Although if you need more challenge there are options for that as well. 
There is plenty of 
variety so you will stay inspired and most of all you will notice the shift in your body.

You get to be part of a supportive and lovely community called Body Awakening on Facebook and also a Chat Group in the membership area.Community and connection has always been an important part of sustaining the healthy active habits of my clients through the years.  

You can also join me for a Live session via Zoom which will also be streamlined into our special group. This will be lots of fun if you want that extra encouragement and support from myself and other participants.

What is included in the program?

Comment below if you have any questions. I look forward to welcome You and your friends into this Body Awakening Movement Program. 

Yours in Wellness,

Apatite Crystal

Apatite Crystal

Have you heard of the beautiful crystal called APATITE? It's so amazing! 
Apatite is known as the stone of manifestation and its attuned to the future, activating psychic abilities and allowing expansion of knowledge. Apatite will stimulate the intellect and brings ideas from the mind down into the earth realm through realizations.

It is aligned with the zodiac sign of Gemini. and is believed to decrease appetite (hunger) as well as enhance insight, creativity and learning. I love wearing Apatite as it's said to enhance focus, clarity for concentration, intellect, acceptance and unconditional love. I have a Crystal diffuser necklace that I made and this one has apatite in it. 

You can also place a small piece of Apatite under your pillow and it can be used as a dream stone to connect with your subconscious while you are sleeping. It can also clarify any hard to understand dreams you may be having.

Awaken the Wellness Warrior within

Awaken the Wellness Warrior within
The great Wellness Reset is here and that is also about Awakening that Wellness Warrior within. That part of you who want to be vibrant, healthy, happy, living an authentic life - a life you love and am ready to take some step towards ultimate wellness - Body, Mind, Spirit.

I invite you to join me for a FREE 5-day reset to get you going. Click here to join the tribe 

The Great Wellness Reset

The Great Wellness Reset
It's time for the Great Wellness Reset - the journey to the unknown. My journey of self discovery, self love, reset and wellness. Come and join me!

There are times when we can benefit from stepping away and to reset. That is what I am doing now and I welcome you to join me.
I came to a point where my intuition was speaking louder to me than it has ever done. That deep inner voice told me to go, to spend time with me so I could get more clarity, give myself more time to rest and relax and to heal.
It's the ultimate Surrender for me know. I believe that that is when the magic begins. It takes guts and courage and a little craziness. I have decided to just trust the process.

My journey started at the Surfcoast on the 25th of April and since then I have been travelling up the East Coast of Australia. My first stop was in Emerald where Puffing Billy is and then I went to Lakes Entrance which was my first stop. It was a lovely evening as I arrived there.

Then I travelled towards Woy Woy where I had a rest and the day after that I travelled up towards Catherine Hill Bay and on the way I stopped and explored some incredible places such as Eden, Batemans Bay and more. It's an incredible coast line  - the beaches, the bush is amazing!

I love having regular stops in my "Awaken Warrior Wellness" Van looking out over amazing oceans such as the one below. This is FREEDOM to me and that is important to have. 

I had a wonderful time connecting with some beautiful people in Catherine Hill Bay.  I did some beautiful beach walks, ate some healthy food. I made a beautiful Crystal necklace and I relaxed a lot. I even taught the online Pilates class in my friends house.

After that I continued up towards Hastings Points and right now I have just come back from a lovely beach walk and am sitting in my van writing this. The evening will be blissfully silent and relaxed.

Until next time...surrender.

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