What do you think about? What are your beliefs?

What do you think about? What are your beliefs?
I am all for creating our own reality. Did you know that this all starts with what you think?
What we think about a lot, eventually creates a belief. And what we believe creates our reality. The thing is though - that we are born as creative beings. We are free to think with our own mind and our truths are ours alone.

A victim opt in to someone else's beliefs, but a powerful empowered light being choose their own thoughts. 
you do this by becoming aware of what you think & believe. Then you become he observer of your thoughts & "feel" into it.  Ask yourself; where did this though/belief come from & does this thought/belief serve me? It it does, keep it/them and if it doesn't; choose another thought/belief.

Now is the time to step into our own truth, to let go of thoughts and beliefs that does not serve us. The time has come for humanity to come together to create a powerful, wonderful new reality. But, it starts with us as individuals first. We must be brave enough to look at our own thoughts and beliefs. Remember to if you don't feel comfortable with the current reality, go within and monitor your thoughts and beliefs. See how you feel when you observe them. If the make you feel uncomfortable, stressed, afraid and uncertain; then it's time to ask yourself, where this thought or belief came from and then choose if it serves you or not. If we want a different reality, we must start observing our own thoughts and beliefs by going within. Within is where you will find the truth, the answers and ultimately the "new" reality.

Always remember that you are a powerful empowered light being.

Sending lots of love, light and peace your way,

Karin xx