The Great Wellness Reset

The Great Wellness Reset
It's time for the Great Wellness Reset - the journey to the unknown. My journey of self discovery, self love, reset and wellness. Come and join me!

There are times when we can benefit from stepping away and to reset. That is what I am doing now and I welcome you to join me.
I came to a point where my intuition was speaking louder to me than it has ever done. That deep inner voice told me to go, to spend time with me so I could get more clarity, give myself more time to rest and relax and to heal.
It's the ultimate Surrender for me know. I believe that that is when the magic begins. It takes guts and courage and a little craziness. I have decided to just trust the process.

My journey started at the Surfcoast on the 25th of April and since then I have been travelling up the East Coast of Australia. My first stop was in Emerald where Puffing Billy is and then I went to Lakes Entrance which was my first stop. It was a lovely evening as I arrived there.

Then I travelled towards Woy Woy where I had a rest and the day after that I travelled up towards Catherine Hill Bay and on the way I stopped and explored some incredible places such as Eden, Batemans Bay and more. It's an incredible coast line  - the beaches, the bush is amazing!

I love having regular stops in my "Awaken Warrior Wellness" Van looking out over amazing oceans such as the one below. This is FREEDOM to me and that is important to have. 

I had a wonderful time connecting with some beautiful people in Catherine Hill Bay.  I did some beautiful beach walks, ate some healthy food. I made a beautiful Crystal necklace and I relaxed a lot. I even taught the online Pilates class in my friends house.

After that I continued up towards Hastings Points and right now I have just come back from a lovely beach walk and am sitting in my van writing this. The evening will be blissfully silent and relaxed.

Until next time...surrender.

Mountain biking up Mount Buffalo

Mountain biking up Mount Buffalo

Last weekend I decided to make a trip to the Alpine are in Victoria - to Bright and surrounds.
This was my second time in this area. Last year I spent a few days in Mount Beauty and I absolutely loved it.
This time I stayed in Bright and I had a chance to go for a mountain bike ride from Porepunkah up Mount Buffalo until I got to Rollosons Fall. A friend of mine recommended me taking a trip there.

I had to ride for about 1 hour and 45 minutes uphill  - about 14km- until I got to the sign to Rollosons Fall. From there I had to walk 1.9km until I reach the most wonderful place. I spent some time there to resting and hydrating and immersing myself with the magic energy of this incredible place. Then I hiked back to where I had left my bike. I rode downhill and it only took about 30 minutes. I had to use my breaks a bit because otherwise I would have probably gone 80km per hour! 
After I got back to the car I drove back to Bright for a wonderful vegan meal followed by a dip in the river.

The Alpine area in Victoria is stunning. I feel like "home" here.

Enjoy the video and the photos below.

Connecting with Nature

Today I felt like connecting with Nature 🌿🌿🌿 I felt I needed to be around big trees and water. So I decided to drive a little further down the coast from where I am - to a place called Erskine's Falls. I have been there before and I love this place. It's the closest water fall to where I am and as I only had a couple of hours to spend, this was my choice of destination.

This beautiful waterfall is just inland a little from the beautiful costal town Lorne here in Victoria, Australia.
Below is a video I made and some photos below.


The luxury of having world class nature around the corner

The luxury of having world class nature around the corner
I feel so blessed to live in a very special part of the world and today I had a good reminder of this as I spent part of the day on the beach and in the bush.

I live in Torquay which is on the Surfcoast in Victoria - about 95 km south of Melbourne. I drove towards Lorne today on the Great Ocean Road and stopped a little past Lorne near the St George River. 

I found a walking track which to my surprise I had not explored before. It was so beautiful! 
I just felt instantly connected and relaxed. The further in on the path I was, the further away I found myself from the outside world and the stress and worries melted away. 

The nature and the trees speak to me. We are dependent on each other. The love is there, so deep. It makes we ask myself "who am I", "what role do I play in this todays world" and then the overwhelming feeling of peace washes over me. A humble feeling of "just be", "just be you".

I feel so much love for this paradise we live in and this place we put under so much pressure. Mother Earth sure is showing us that things gotta change at the moment. I feel that the humans are part of this gigantic flora which are made of "good" and "bad" bacteria. At the moment there is too much of the "bad" and Mother Earth is feeling it and showing us.

I had the urge of just embracing this tree and feel the love and connection. It's an amazing feeling! I believe it can restore our health and reduce inflammation - as much as walking barefoot on the earth can.

Some of the trees are hollow, but it does not mean there is life. 

Amazing mushrooms and flower.

I started feeling more and more alive.

After visiting that amazing bush I walked towards the beach which was just a km away.

The most stunning beach! On the highest point of the busy area is Teddy's Look out. 

The water was refreshingly cold as it is down here on the Surfcoast, but the water is probably the clearest you find in the world. The colour is my favourite; blue, aqua and white.

This is definitely one of my favourite spots on the Surfcoast.

My heart is filled again with gratitude and love.

Remember to connect with nature. Remember to take care of Mother Earth. 

Much Love, Karin xx