I have not just been in the process of detoxing my body over the last few years by improving my diet but I have also been switching all my personal care products (all products I put on my body and also the make up I am using).

It's been an interesting journey of learning but most of all I feel the amazing benefits. 
It has taken a while but I have done it by a step-by-step process. Changing old habits does not only take new learnings, it also takes perseverance and time. I must say that I am so happy I have taken the time and made all this happen.

This has not just meant that I have cleaned up what I eat and what I put on my body by changing products - it has also meant that I have become a minimalist.
I have discovered that you really don't need too many different products. I have also learnt that less is often better and quality is better than quantity. I have started to really understand the power of marketing. 
During my teenage years and beyond I believed that some products in fancy packaging would make you stay looking young, have healthier skin & that they simply worked better than others. 

Now I understand that marketing is everything and it's easy to start to believe that something that is expensive and comes in a shiny bottle must be much better.
My cupboard of personal care products has now changed and it has also created more space in my cupboard. 
I believe that less is more. It has not just been a detox for my body, it's also been a detox for me emotionally and mentally.
I have simply gone back to nature.

The next step on my detox journey was to start taking a look at what I was cleaning the house with. I started looking into what chemical to avoid  and chemicals that simply were not good my body.

I discovered a range of chemicals that was used in many products - chemicals that were harmful to my body.
I discovered that air fresheners and fragranced cleaning products contained Phthalates.  Did you know that Phthalates are endocrine disruptive - in other words they "muck" with our hormones.
I discovered that anti bacterial products contained something called Triclosan. Triclosan can disrupt the immune system. That made it a big reason for me to get rid of all the anti bacterial cleaners and hand sanitisers with Triclosan in it.
I discovered that some window cleaners and multi purpose cleaners had something called 2-Butoxyethanol in it. This is bad for our lungs to inhale and not good for our kidneys and liver. 

Oh my Goodness, I could not believe what I discovered. So many toxic chemicals  in the cleaners I was using!

I discovered that Ammonia which is in a lot of the window cleaners can affect people with asthma. No wonder I was coughing every time I was using it!
I learnt that Chlorine that is in a lot of the toilet cleaners, whitener cleaners, laundry soak is not good for our skin and respiratory system. 
I discovered that many cleaners and detergents had Sodium Laureth Sulphate in it. This is highly irritating for our skin.

The list went on and on. I could not believe I was using these toxic cleaners. Not just that. Marketing campaigns had made me think that I needed one cleaner for every different surface!

It was time to detox my house! 

I started with getting a large black rubbish bag and filled it up with all the toxic cleaners.
I started using white vinegar, Castile soap, bicarbonate of soda, olive oil, lemons, water and essential oils instead.
Not just did I start feeling better, my house also smelt like stepping into nature.

Since then I also came across an amazing solution - one cleaner that actually ticked all my boxes for being toxic free! I found that I could use just one cleaner, some essential oils and products I had in my cupboard, to keep my house smelling fresh, clean and toxic free.

One of the tools that helped me learn about the toxins was an app called the Chemical Maze. A good tool to have for sure.

So my life has now improved in so many ways. I have ditched so many toxic products and I can now proudly say I can call myself a minimalistic Cleaner! 😀👍

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