Rowing and Pilates - a great combination

Today I got to experience a new type of  exercise class at a fitness centre here on the Sunshine Coast. It's called STRONG PILATES and is a combination of rowing on the Concept2 Rowing machine and doing strength work on the Pilates reformer. 

That combination is my favourite and what I love doing. Bringing rowing and pilates into one session was great. It was challenging but I worked at my level. I have been missing my own Concept 2 Rowing machine and my Pilates reformer that is back in Victoria. I feel great after doing this session. It was not only the body craving movement. My mind was craving exercise too. I needed to get out of my head and into my body.
There been so much happening lately. Movement was the best medicine. Tomorrow is going be even more awesome than today!

So, my suggestion to you is, if you are feeling stressed, anxious, lost and not the best, stop for the moment and do some exercise. Get into your body and out of your mind. It will guaranteed make you feel much better!

Share how exercise has benefited you in the comments below.

Have an awesome day!

Karin x


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