When did you last leave your comfort zone?

The comfort zone is the place where we don't have to do anything new or different. It's a place where we feel comfortable and our abilities are not being tested. It is a psychological state in which individuals feel safe. When we are in the comfort zone we know what to expect and we know how to react. Our needs are filled in the comfort zone and we can feel at peace.

It's easy to stay where we are comfortable but have you ever asked yourself if that is the best place to be?
You see there are many good reasons and benefits from stepping out of your comfort zone.

Here are just a 6 reasons and benefits of leaving your comfort zone
  1. It makes you grow and discover a sense of self - when learning new ways of doing something we have the opportunity to grow and develop a sense of self. We also get the experience different perspectives. 
  2. It exercises your mind! By learning to do new things we are creating new pathways in our brain.
  3. You become more confident and brave. Once you understand the emotions that come with stepping outside your comfort zone, you become more confident. You understand the process and it becomes more familiar to you. As you trust yourself in leaving the comfort zone you will build yourself up and become brave. 
  4. You personally grow. You will learn a new skill and that will benefit you in so many ways.
  5. It can change your life! It  can open new doors to experiences and possibilities that otherwise may have never appeared. 
  6. You can find a new hobby which you love. Are there any activities that you’ve always wanted to try, but for some reason, you never have? Your comfort zone may have caused you to not try the new activity. 
I decided to leave my comfort zone a few years ago when I decided that I wanted to learn to paddle a Surfski in the ocean. I had never paddled before at all, and certainly not in the ocean. 
Surf skis are not easy to balance in! That certainly made me leave my comfort zone. I had to learn a new skill which challenged me. I also had to leave my comfort zone by being in the ocean. My biggest fear used to be deep water and what's in the ocean! That was another big step for me. I am so glad I decided to leave my comfort zone and learn how to Surfski. It's given be so much! New skills, more confidence, new friendships, the opportunity to travel to new places, to see wildlife, to relax from everyday stresses and more.

Last week I contacted the Mooloolaba Paddling club to see if I could go paddling with someone there. I have now been out a couple of times with people there. I did not just get to meet more people - I also get to challenge myself more by paddling further out in the ocean (about 400 meters out) and in messy, windy conditions with pretty big swell. I feel proud of myself for challenging myself once again.

Why don't you take the "chance" to try something new - it might give you so many gifts.

Below is a little video from my paddling session. 



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