Happy Valentine's Day

I’d like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had no idea it was Valentine’s Day until I received a message from a friend this morning.

Have you got a special Valentine? That special soulmate? 

I speak to many women and that’s what many express they long for - for a deep connection of love, understanding and closeness. But here’s the thing, we gotta love ourselves, become acutely aware of oneself (know oneself) and have addressed the wounds from the past. We have to then be open and on the frequency of what we want to attract. It’s a delicate act, it’s a beautiful gift when it happens. 

The woman you see in this photo is loved, deeply loved and appreciated. Not by someone else, but by the woman again you look at. 
I’ve come to a place in life where I truly love myself. I am grateful for my past experiences and I’m thankful for my learnings. 
The learnings have been steep and difficult and there has been many times I’ve thought, this is it.....I can’t do it anymore. I can’t allow myself to fall again, to open myself to be vulnerable, to receive love, to experience fully. But my inner voice, my spirit has always nudged me and said “you are worth it” and it will all happen when you totally surrender. 
There is no rush. I’m loving getting to know me more everyday. 

But I know this time now is just a transition, I love giving, I am nurturing and I love joy, connection and creativity, to build something extraordinarily beautiful. 

The past is the past, I am the beautiful soul and being because of it. I’m excited about the future but more so happy and peaceful in this moment. 

The unity and connection when two souls come together that were meant to be together comes together is time altering. Everything stops, the senses are highlighted. There’s a sense of peace and homecoming. 
All in good time. I feel it, see it and hear it all. Wow! Amazing. 
I for now sit in the space of love for myself, for the woman I am, have become and will be. It’s a nice place to be this Valentine’s Day in paradise. 

Know that you are never alone. 


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Much Love 
Karin xx


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