Getting to know yourself
It will more than likely come a time when you ask yourself "Who am I", "Why am I here?", "What should I be doing with my life?" We may hit a point in our lives when we feel confused or completely unaware of the reason for living.

As a life/wellness/nlp coach and hypnotherapist I have helped many people understand themselves, gain clarity and find their purpose. I have noticed that people who are not as self aware often experience anxiety, depression and burnout. When we are "out of balance" and our body-mind is disconnected, we suffer consequences which can affect our health/wellness, relationships, finances etc.
Having a clear understanding of one's values, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses can assist in making important life decisions and makes us feel more aligned and whole.

As a coach I use many different techniques and tools and a while ago I came across something called Human Design and the amazing Samantha Selby from Super Natural Coaching.

Samantha has developed an in depth personal report using Human Design. I purchased the report myself and was so blown away with how valuable this tool was. I will now be incorporating it with my coaching clients and encourage EVERYONE to have this report done. The report is 135 pages long and it's all about you. It contains such valuable information which can gain so much more clarity and help someone develop more self love, acceptance and step into their authentic self.
I was so impressed so I asked to interview Samantha for my "Transform Your Wellness" Podcast.
If you have not listened to it, make sure you do.

Human Design is a powerful self-awareness tool that can help people find the answers to important questions and to guide them back to your authentic self.It helps people understand how they have been conditioned away from their true self and how this has created energy blocks, limiting beliefs and in some cases trauma. The Human Design Professional Reading Report is a tool that supports people in spotting how their life events may have created distortions in their energy field and how their energy flow and personal sense of power have been lost through these experiences.
You can download a FREE Copy of the e-book  to learn so much

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