Expansion of your Awareness
Today it’s the 8th of August 2023 and it’s the Lions’ Gate Portal. This is considered to be one of the most powerful times for manifestation, so take some time out to connect within and breathe life into the things you truly dream off and create a bright vision for the future.

You can start manifesting your dream life!

So, what is the Lion’s Gate portal, exactly? 
Lions gate occur when the bright blue fixed star Sirius perfectly aligns with Orion’s Belt and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. When this connects with the sun in Leo, it takes on a whole new force of power. It can be intense and powerful, as well as beautiful and magical.  The portal’s opening is a time to manifest change and to bring our hopes to reality. The sun is in Leo and it’s a great time to crate and move forward with your heartfelt vision. When the Lion’s Gate is being activated, we can also ignite our heartfelt passions and feel them becoming real in this now moment.
The Lion’s Gate opens up on the 8th of the 8th. The number 8 is a magical number because it aligns with success and transformation. It can help up evolve to a higher level. Prosperity and abundance come naturally to the number eight, which is why it’s a rich day to manifest your dreams. You can change and prosper from your visions at this time and they will come true as long as you are clear on what you desire and it’s an honest dream.
This period can bring love, luck, positivity and optimism. It can bring abundance. The energy at this time can help us get rid of negativity and pessimism.
Embrace the energy at this time and stay in your heart. Get real of who you are. Now is the time to embrace you and what you love. What relationships are working for you. Do you speak from your heart? If there is something in your life that does not bring your joy, now is the time to let it go.
Instead it’s the time to get into things and spend time with people who truly spark that joy and love in you.
Remember – the world and the future is limitless.

YOU CAN CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT – as long as you heart is completely invested in it.
Sending Light & Love


Here is a video going into more depth on what's the Lion's Gate is.

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