A new level of Consciousness is happening - The New Earth is here
We live in extraordinary times. Can you feel it?

I believe we are going through a shift in consciousness and therefore an awakening or an increased awareness of spiritual or higher dimensions of existence beyond our everyday, materialistic concerns.

We are moving towards a more enlightened state of being for humanity - a New Earth. This world is a more harmonious world, a world which is based on love, peace and unity.
We are also going through a shift in values - a spiritual evolution - which we also call ascension or spiritual evolution. 

We are going through a collective awakening and for this to happen us as individuals must undergo a personal transformation and spiritual growth.
This collective awakening is necessary for us to bring positive changes  on a global scale.

I started my spiritual awakening years ago now and it's not always easy to move through. Please trust me, you can do this though. All is well and there is a plan.....we all came her to play our part,

Just remember to listen to your heart. That is where truth and freedom is. And most of all, let go of the fear.  Focus on Love.  Love has the answers, 

I spend lots of time in nature and around waters. Enjoy the video I made from my last adventure in my paradise.

Sending Love and Light your way.

- Karin


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