What a glorious 2nd day of winter it's been here in Victoria, Australia. We have had beautiful sunrises and fresh, sunny days. But we have also had "lockdown" and it is not over yet. This can take a toll on our wellbeing so it's important that we "check in" with our thoughts and feelings to make sure we can navigate around it. 

I personally believe its important to still have a routine. Make a plan for the days ahead of you. Take out your diary and journal and write a little schedule. This puts you in the drivers seat of your life. Focus on what you can do and not what you can't do. Believe it or not but there are so many things you can do! Let's make a deal here to focus on those things we can do.

This time is the perfect time to take extra care of your body. You can always take up a new exercise routine. There is a huge amount on offer online. Just take your pick. And remember, there is plenty you can do without equipment.

Make sure you get enough sleep. You just feel so much better both physical but also emotionally when you have had a good nights sleep.

This is also your opportunity to address your eating habits. Perhaps there are some new recipes you can try. Maybe you want to do a detox. Perhaps you want to read a book about healthy eating and then start implementing some new things.

Always check in with your thoughts. What are you thinking? Remember, what you are thinking will impact on what you are feeling. And what you are feeling will determine what action you will take. Perhaps ther perfect time to start meditation is now.

Check in with a friend or buddy now and then. Connection is so important. There are also wonderful challenges and groups you can become part of where you can connect with likeminded people.

Take a break from Mainstream Media. Ask yourself, when was the last time you felt really happy and uplifted and inspired after watching main stream media and the news. I bet the answer is that you don't know. Well, take this time to have a mainstream media Detox. The world could be a different place if we all did.

Going for a walk in nature or by the ocean is like C (Sea) Vitamin for the soul.
If you are not doing this already, make sure you do. Nature knows what is best for us & I can certainly feel that. 
My spirit is filled up after my early morning dip in the ocean yesterday morning at 7am and followed by a yummy breakfast and then a paddle in the ocean.

Remember, in the midst of adversity is when we grow the most - make the most of this time.
It gives you an opportunity to go inwards, to connect with you. That is a gift and you find many answers here. The key is to start listening.

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