Do what makes your heart sing
The new year has begun. Let’s welcome 2023 in and set the intention that it will be a peaceful year. Peace starts within, so let’s decide now to start with ourselves – to promise ourselves to follow our heart and to do things that make our heart sing.
I started my New Year in my happy place – in and on the water. New Years day was a day to remember. The weather was magic. You know, one of those days that does not come along to often.
I started with a swim in the ocean and after that I used my Christmas present to myself – a blow up Stand-Up Paddle Board. I just absolutely loved it!
I had a chance to explore the ocean from above. The water was so clear so it was wonderful to watch the bottom of the ocean.
It was so beautifully relaxing. It just made my heart sing. I was filled with gratitude.
Can you make a promise to yourself to do what makes your heart sing 2023?
It just make life so much more rewarding, fun and peaceful.


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  1. Bianca Aquilina  01/06/2023 07:48 PM Central
    Love this, thank you

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