The rejuvenating power of cold water dips
A few years ago I started cold dipping in the ocean at Torquay as I had heard that cold therapy could have many benefits. We entered the ocean 6.30am in the morning and often got to watch the most spectacular sunrises. What I noticed was improvements in mood and immunity. People around me got winter colds etc but not me. 

Since moving to the Alpine area of Bright, I’ve had many dips in the Ovens River. The water in the Ovens river is very cold and refreshing. 

If you are considering starting cold dipping, here are 10 benefits (and I experienced all these benefits too):

1. Improved circulation: Cold water immersion can help constrict blood vessels, which may enhance circulation and blood flow throughout the body.

2. Boosted metabolism: Exposure to cold water can stimulate the body's metabolism, potentially leading to increased calorie burning and fat loss over time.

3. Enhanced immune function: Cold water dips may strengthen the immune system by activating the body's natural defence mechanisms.

4. Increased energy levels: Cold water exposure can invigorate the body and mind, leading to a feeling of increased energy and alertness.

5.  Reduced muscle soreness : cold water immersion may help alleviate muscle soreness and inflammation, making it a popular recovery method among athletes.

6. Improved mood: Cold water dips can trigger the release of endorphins and other feel-good neurotransmitters, leading to a mood boost and reduced feelings of stress or anxiety.

7. Better skin and hair health: Cold water can help tighten pores, reduce oiliness, and improve circulation to the skin, promoting a healthy complexion. It can also make hair appear shinier and more vibrant.

8. Increased resilience to stress: Regular exposure to cold water can train the body to better handle stress, both physically and mentally, by activating the body's adaptive stress response.

9. Potential pain relief: Cold water immersion may temporarily numb pain receptors, providing relief from minor aches and pains.

10. Enhanced mental clarity and focus:  Cold water dips can sharpen mental focus and clarity by stimulating the nervous system and increasing blood flow to the brain.

Cold dips offer numerous potential benefits. 
Remember to it listen to your body and gradually acclimate to the cold water exposure to avoid any adverse reactions. If you have any underlying health conditions or concerns, consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating cold water immersion into your routine.


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